Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Australian International School, Dhaka.

It is our ambition to provide an excellent education to our students in an academically-challenging environment that is safe, supportive and nurturing. We seek to provide a truly international experience that prepares our students to be globally-oriented and “world-citizens” who are equipped to succeed; who are understanding and tolerant of the differences in others; and who share the core values that guide our mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

We further seek to provide our teachers and other members of staff with the opportunity to grow professionally and personally in an innovative environment that respects both individuality and teamwork; that supports both innovation and established teaching practice; and that promotes professional reflection and lifelong learning. We encourage professional risk-taking with pedagogy, and the bringing of new ideas and novel solutions to the staffrooms and classrooms.

Our goal is to provide our staff with opportunities for career satisfaction and advancement in order that their developing confidence and expertise can be given the freedom to be expressed positively in a meaningful way that is recognized by the School and the wider community. The implicit and explicit mentoring of less-experienced teachers by their more experienced colleagues, through both formalized positional responsibility, and the less formal but equally effective willingness of a team to work together to grow professionally is a key feature of the School.

As a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programmes, we are committed to the continuous development of our School as an outstanding educational institution.

The AusIS staff and I look forward to welcoming you personally to our School.


Gregory C Mowday MEd










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